Metal Detector

What To Consider When Buying A Metal Detector

Shopping for your metal detector is just like shopping for any other item because you need to consider certain factors to help you decide. When you want to get into metal detecting, it is essential to have a metal detector. As a hobby metal, detecting would take you scouring the beaches, parks and any place that you determine to find something using Metal Detector

With this excitement of the possibility that you may discover your little treasure of metals that you can find in yards, parks, beaches, sites of old battlegrounds, it is necessary to proceed with your shopping for the detector carefully. Hence having a  guide to buying metal detectors is necessary. It is of no use if you will eagerly buy one then regret your purchase later. It Is important to consider some certain factors before purchasing your first detector of metals:

What To Consider

Know The Brands And The Common Components

As a beginner, you should be aware the different brands of these detectors and their pros and cons. There are some components or parts of the machine though which are common to all types of detectors. These refer to the control box that has the speaker, microprocessor, circuitry, controls, and batteries; the stabilizer that lends a stable support for the device as you move it sweeping the ground; the shaft which connects the detector’s search coil and control box; and the search coil which does the detecting.

Know How The Detector Works

Electromagnetic induction is the main reason why these detectors of metals work the way they are. With the spark of current in the device, the search coil will become an electromagnetic field that when it detects any metals, the field will be disturbed. When this happens, the search coil will produce electric currents, or eddy currents, on the metallic item. The eddy currents will also generate their own magnetic field that will signal the device that metals has been found.

Location Of The Search

You should develglobeop a list of the places where you are trying to look for metals. The environmental conditions of the places where you are planning to do your search would factor in as to what type of detector you should use. If you have beaches on your mind, you need to look for a waterproof search coil so that it can still detect despite being wet in shallow water. However, there are also underwater detectors that you can buy if you want to find seawater metallic treasures.

Type Of Search

There are detectors for metals that can detect particular metallic items, such as relics alone, jewelry only, coins and more. However, you can also choose those detectors that can be used for any type of detecting activities.

Frequency Of Search

If you can devote more time to detecting, you need a heavy duty and accurate detector. This might be more than just a hobby that you can enjoy for a few hours. However, the more features that you will ask of your detector, the more expensive it will be.

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A detector with more features is more expensive than the one with fewer attributes.Some money can be saved if you will buy the detector with their accessories, such as digging tools, headphones, and carrying bags.

Lastly, consider your experience, if You are a new at detecting. Buy a beginner level detectors with fuss free operations if you are just starting. Also, consider your gender, some women might look for lightweight detectors for easy sweeping. Likewise, check the warranty of the metal detector. A good brand company would be willing to provide a warranty that will last for five years.