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What to know before choosing a photo booth

Photo booths get everybody excited. Even if someone suffers from camera shyness, he or she can understand the thrill of taking a photo inside a bewitching box. They were only seen at your local mall or amusement parks, but are now making a trend at weddings, work events, and parties. A photo booth is good fun for all if you pick the right one.

Do Some Photo Booth Groundwork

You probably have taken some cheeky shots in a photo booth, but have you ever asked yourself, “What to know before choosing a photo booth?” Probably not. There’s actually quite a few things to think about before hiring a photo booth for your next event.

Think About Aesthetics

Firstly, you have to think about the style you want the booth in. Photo booths can come in a range of styles, so be prepared to make clear what you want. You want it to look creative, but at the same time fit within the theme of your event.

Timing is Everything

photo boothDue to the fact you are hiring the photo booth, you have to know how many hours you require it. Maybe the company that you are hiring the booth from has to deliver it to another event two hours after yours, so make clear and concise calculations. A good suggestion is to get the photo booth at the event way after all formalities are out of the way.

People usually start to let their hair down later once they start making small talk to others and get some drinks in them. If you have a huge circle of people, then 3 hours is a good amount of time to let everyone have a turn. However, this depends on your budget and how to snap happy the crowd is.

Extras and Accessories

Also, think about any other extras or accessories that you want your photo booth to arrive with. Some booths come with video messaging and social media facilities, but could hinder some photos your guests can take. Taking advantage of open booths to allow more people in a photo can lead to unwanted admiring from others waiting their turn and lots of noise and confusion.

Photo booth businesses offer hats, funny sunglasses and other costumes for your guests to wear during their photoshoot. Some even offer photo albums and a digital copy of all the prints. Therefore, there’s a lot to ask the vendor what they will include for the price they are asking.

photo booth 2When hiring your photo booth, take your time to find the right company and ask questions. Don’t forget to book early to secure your date, and get the photo booth that’s going to have your guests queuing and snapping for hours. Check Flashbox Photo Booth Phoenix.


Benefits of hiring an electrician

If you think of the things that we hold dear to us, the one common factor is that they are all electrical appliances. It is one of modern life’s necessities. However, there are cases when electrical emergencies may occur. Just remember that even though it helps us cook and keep us warm, working with electricity is quite dangerous. Here are some benefits of hiring an electrician when electrical emergencies occur.

 Access to appropriate equipment and tools

Most of the time we try and fix minor electrical issues, we end up realizing that the problem is severe. Licensed electricians have specialized tools that are effective in identifying the true causes of electrical faults. Sometimes a blown a fuse may have been caused by an overloaded circuit. This reduced time to fix while minimizing damage.

Liability limited in case of injury

If you harm yourself while working, your insurance will have to foot the cost. In cases of serious injuries, you may have to use your savings or your child’s college fund. However, if you contract an electrician, any injuries are covered by the comprehensive insurance that licensed electricians have.

Safety codes

electricianDifferent buildings have different safety codes and only licensed electricians in chicago knows these codes. Some electrical fixtures may need rewiring, and it is important to understand codes to ensure the right standards are used. Even when you sell your property, the value will be affected by whether the electrical repairs were up to the safety codes.

Save money

Certified electricians save you money in two ways. First is through reduced power bills. When some wires are shorting, they increase utility bills. A licensed electrician will identify these issues, fix them and save you money in the long run. Second is avoiding property damage due to electrical fires. Almost every week, there is some news about a fire that might have been avoided had the person contracted a licensed electrician.

 Surety bond

The law requires licensed electricians to place a surety bond. The bond guarantees that a predetermined amount will be paid to you if they fail to complete the assignment. This win-win situation means that your electrical problems will be solved or you will earn some money from the electrician.

electrician fixing cableNowadays, DIY projects have become a hobby for most people. You only need a detailed tutorial, and you can fix anything. The caveat is that most tutorials absolve themselves of any liability in the event an accident happens.