Dumbwaiters for Home Applications – Facts To Know

A dumbwaiter refers to a device that is technically similar to an elevator. It is used to convey lightweight materials such as foods between different floors in a building. Notably, dumbwaiter lifts are quite popular in busy commercial environments such as hotels and restaurants as well as in residential homes. They can be very handy when it comes to carrying groceries, laundry, books, firewood, and many other household items.

Models of the dumbwaiterdumbwaiters

There are two primary types of dumbwaiters, electric and the manual dumbwaiters. The manual ones are always cheaper than electrical ones. To operate the manual, you have to pull on a rope to move it from one floor to another. Besides, electrical use motors with varying load capacities and require only a push of a button.

Cost factors

The cost of installing a dumbwaiter is about half the price of installing a small residential elevator. Installing the enclosed shafts, lifting motor and the rails are the major cost factors. A good model should be made of high-quality components that are very durable, similar to those used in commercial elevators. The cabs are available in high-quality wood finish as well as in stainless steel material. They also include safety features like the magnetic doors that ensure the doors are closed whenever it is running.


A dumbwaiter can be viewed as a small elevator with control systems, pulley systems, and guide rails. The majority can carry about 75 to 150 lbs. They have high durability and come with warranties from the manufacturer for replacement and servicing in the case of damages.

dumbwaitersRelocation of an entire unit is quite easy because they come with installation fasteners and cables that are easy to handle. Building the dumbwaiter into a house during construction is a lot easier, but it can be built in an existing home as well if there is enough room for a straight shaft between the floors.

If the workmanship done during the installation is great, a dumbwaiter system should be able to give you excellent service for many years. The recommendations provided by the manufacturer should be followed carefully to ensure that you get the most out of it. You should also carry out regular checks and maintenance to ensure that everything is always in the right condition. With that done, you will save time and energy required for heavy lifting up and down the stairs while adding value to your home.