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Different Age Groups for School Going Children

Education is a fundamental basic in life today. It is vital that students get equal opportunities to access education at whatever age. The education type at different age groups is different. The different comes in not only at the age but also the knowledge and skills in class and outside class.  To most schools, career development starts right at the very tender age to attend class. With that in mind, the standard curriculum is made in a manner to cater for the education of children while instilling career-based knowledge and skills to learners.


The Pre-Prep School (3-5 years)

The pre-prep school is designed for pupils between the ages of 3 to five years. In the pre-prep student using micschool, pupils take part in a lot of fun, educational activities. They get introduced to education in a fun and motivational way. They get to learn the basics of education like reading, drawing, and writing.

At some point, a kids talent might be recognized right from this point. They also get to take part in competitions such as music, spelling, and art. With the right environment, the child’s love of learning is nurtured right from prep school and throughout his her education.

Junior School (5-11 years)

The junior school is for learners between the age of five and 11 years. At this level, the curriculum broadens to allow for additional skills to be taught. At this level, there is also an increasing opportunity to take part in extracurricular activities and to exploit talent. The junior school is also meant to prepare learners for senior school. At this level, the student needs extensive facilities and a chance to utilize every resource available to the fullest.

Senior School (11-16 Years)

Senior school is most challenging to all pupils. It is meant for pupils aged between 11 and 16 years. At this level, the curriculum is tailored to develop the individual interest of learners. At this level, pupils also have an opportunity to mentor the younger pupils and build leadership skills. The students are also well prepared to take charge of the own future in life. At this level, learners are also expected to develop strong friendships that will last throughout School.

The Sixth Grade (16-18years)

girlThis is the last age group before joining the University. It is meant for students between 16 and 18 years. The sixth form comes after GCSE. Here students prepare for A-level exams. They also prepare themselves for life at the university. The education program at this level is meant to help students expand their horizons not only in academics abut in life in general. At this level students should aim at success and with proper career guidance, success in careers is also aimed at.

The different education levels are aimed at preparing learners for their future life. Success at each level grantees success in life and career as well. With the right opportunities and resources, learners at each level will gain the necessary knowledge and experience. The age groups also provide learners with opportunities to build relationships socially.